Distance Learning FAQ

Will missed school days have to be made up?

We have asked the state this question and that determination has not yet been made. We will share that determination as soon as we receive it.

What does it mean to be closed until May 1st?

Guidance from the Florida Department of Education states that students will not be able to return to school until May 1st. Schools will not open for full time operation until this date. School staff may be onsite to perform essential functions, but no student instruction will take place on campus.

What will be done about graduation?

Currently, graduation is still scheduled to proceed as originally planned. We are preparing an option for virtual graduation should students not be allowed to participate in formal graduation events. Details regarding this option will be made available after May 1st.

Will there be summer school?

Summer school is still scheduled to proceed as originally planned. If the school year is extended, adjustments to the summer school schedule will be announced.

Are there any circumstances under which students may return to a school while campuses are closed in response to COVID-19?

Students are not allowed to return to schools during this event for formal instruction. They may accompany parents to drive thru and pick up instructional packets during times designated by each school site, but will not be able to enter the school itself.

My student is currently failing a class for the year. How will they be given the opportunity to pass?

Summer options for students who have failed a course will be available. More information regarding these options will be posted after May 1st.

I don't have internet access at home. What do I do?

Parents without internet access should notify their student’s school. Schools will work with the district to find opportunities to connect with your student.

What do I do if I don't have a device to use for online instruction at home?

Parents without devices should notify their child’s school. Schools will work with the district to find opportunities to connect with your student.

My student has forgotten their user name/password to use to login to Classlink/Office 365. What do I do?

Contact your student’s teacher via e-mail for support. The e-mail address for your teacher can be found on your individual school’s website.

I can't come to the school to pick up packets. What do I do?

Notify your student’s school. Schools with work with parents to arrange packet drop off time and locations.

My students are working on Khan Academy. Do they have to do the distance learning packet too?

Parents in this situation should connect with their student’s teacher for next steps.

Do my children need to be logged in each day? Can they complete things early?

Logging in each day is not required. Activities will be provided by teachers weekly. Students may complete assignments early. 

My student is currently enrolled in a Santa Rosa Online or Florida Virtual course. What should they do?

Students who are currently taking a course should complete the course in order to get credit.  If a student is without a computer/internet, please contact their virtual instructor so they can work with the student and provide assignments in a paper format so he/she can continue with the course.

How do I register my child for school?

Parents should contact their zoned school to receive next steps for enrollment.

How do we transfer into the district?

Parents transferring to Santa Rosa County from out of the county should contact their zoned school to receive next steps.
In-county school transfers are not allowed during this event.

How do I sign up for virtual school?

Contact Laura Austin, principal of Santa Rosa Blended Learning Academy, at [email protected] .

How do we sign up for home school?

Contact Laura Austin, principal of Santa Rosa Blended Learning Academy, at [email protected] .

If I decide to continue to keep my children home after May 1st because we have high-risk individuals in our household, will I be able to do so?

Once school resumes, classroom teachers will not provide distance learning services for students. Students who would like to continue distance learning would need to contact Laura Austin ([email protected]) to discuss virtual and home education opportunities.

I've heard state assessments have been cancelled. How will that impact my child?

  • Current seniors: If a senior is expected to graduate in spring 2020 and has not met the exit criteria for Algebra I EOC and/or Grade 10 English Language Arts (ELA) Florida Standard Assessment (FSA) , or earned a concordant score, this criterion will be waived. However, students still must earn the necessary credits and meet the Grade Point Average requirements to graduate.
  • Non-seniors: The Department is waiving the requirement for non-senior students who are currently enrolled in a course that requires an End Of Course (EOC) to take the associated EOC. However, non-seniors who have yet to pass the Grade 10 FSA ELA must still meet the exit criteria by passing that assessment during a future administration or earning a concordant score. Though non-senior students enrolled in the EOC course of Algebra 1 are not required to take the Algebra 1 EOC, they must still meet the mathematics assessment graduation requirement by either passing the Algebra 1 EOC (offered four times each year) during a future administration, earning a concordant score, or passing the Geometry EOC during a future administration.
  • Grade 3 promotion: Generally, the Grade 3 ELA FSA is a key component districts use to make promotion decisions. Since this data will not be available due to the cancellation of statewide assessments for the 2019-2020 school year, promotion decisions should be made in consultation with parents, teachers, and school leaders based on the students’ classroom performance and progress monitoring data.
  • 30% for final grade: For students currently enrolled in courses that include a statewide EOC to be factored into the student’s grade, this requirement will be waived. 

How will the cancellation of national assessment administrations (i.e., SAT and ACT) affect eligibility for Bright Futures?

We have asked the state this question and that determination has not yet been made. We will share that determination as soon as we receive it.

Will students in AP courses take their exam?

The College Board is making plans for a 45 minute online assessment. These plans will be posted when available. Your student’s AP teacher will contact your student to continue their preparation for these exams.

Will students in Dual Enrollment courses take their exam?

Dual Enrollment students will be contacted by their teacher regarding next steps. These classes are under the guidance of the Dual Enrollment institution.

My child has an IEP. How will those services be provided?

Student services will be addressed by our ESE dept on a case by case basis. Your student’s teacher or ESE staff will contact you with more information.
Current guidance from FLDOE is as follows:
“Each student with an IEP, or 504 plan, should be included in the school district’s instructional continuity plan to the same extent as all other students. This plan may include virtual instruction, as well as virtual specialized instruction and related services to the extent practicable. All areas of the student’s IEP or 504 must be considered. Any and all required evaluations, IEP meetings etc. may also be held virtually to the extent practical. If there is any type of delay, the nature and extent of the delay and a plan to move as quickly as possible to prevent further delay should be documented. IEP and 504 teams should monitor each student’s progress and determine what, if any, remediation may be needed upon return to the student’s placement.”

My child is an English language learner. How will those services be provided?

Your student’s classroom teacher and ESOL teacher will work together to provide ESOL support for your child.

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